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Zhangjiagang Rely Auto Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing customized solutions for commercial vehicles and motor homes. Including electric seats, power table tops, electric control systems, complete set of interior accessories,body kits, intelligent partition systems, all types of ceilings, floor, and other commercial modified vehicles parts as well as RV parts. We have a complete production process facilities(from product development, mold making, large stamping equipment, imported welding robot, senior sponge foaming, imported sewing machine, coating, automatic seats assembly line), in addition, we also have a complete set of seat product testing equipment,strength testing machine, quiet room, Seat comprehensive...MORE+
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Upgrade Kit
We specialize in providing upgrade kits for Mercedes-Benz GCLASS, VCLASS, GLS, and Toyota commercial vehicles. Each kit is developed 1:1 through molds to achieve precision and consistency. Let the customer satisfaction let the customer rest assured, there is also a professional team to deal with the installation and after-sales
RelyAuto Seats
Rely Auto specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of auto seats,engineering seats,construction seats,electrical seats,refitting vehicle seats,motor homes seats,power folded seats,mini bar seats,two passenger or three passenger bench,ect.The functions of power or pneumatic massage,integrated ventilation and heating can be custom-made.We have large stamping equipment,imported robots welding,senior foaming machines,automatic seat assembling lines and tools facilities.Besides,we also have a complete seat inspection machine.We are certificated by ISO/TS16949 and we are stringent in production quality control and we have get CCC ,CE certification.
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We are one of the leading providers of customized solutions for commercial and RV vehicles in China. We provide high-quality metal parts and modification services at competitive prices according to customer requirements.
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